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Top 10 CROs - 2022


In 2021, the global contract research organization (CRO) market stood at a market size of 63,590 million dollars. At a CAGR of 11.8 percent, it is expected to reach a valuation of 139,050 million dollars by 2028. This is due to the rising pharmaceutical research and an increasing number of trials done by biotech and pharma companies with the burgeoning of new and unknown diseases. In that regard, CROs are embracing efficient, compliant technology to avoid falling behind. Incorporating remote-site access and patient engagement technology into their daily workflows can let CROs offer impressive patient recruitment, participant retention, and data collection abilities.

Remote technologies like wearable devices and smartphone apps are aiding in collecting participants’ data not only when they are at the research site but also when they are shopping, exercising, or working. This allows researchers to compare how a treatment works in the real world. Real-time data collection also helps them identify adverse events more quickly, keeping participants safer.

Moreover, in a time when 80 percent of clinical trials are delayed due to recruitment difficulties, and up to 50 percent of sites selected for a trial enroll with fewer participants, technology is helping CROs by getting more grounds covered. Technology platforms with remote site access is also allowing CROs to work with locations across the country or worldwide. These software systems give them immediate access to the sites’ documents and data so they can team up with any research site with eligible patients.

At this juncture, there is a variety of leading and emerging CROs that are entering the market to cater to the different needs of the biotech and pharma companies. To choose CROs that best fit their requirement, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled lists of the top and emerging CROs. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 CROs – 2022.”

    Top CROs

  • BioPharma Services Inc. is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Phase I/IIa and Bioequivalence clinical trials with research facilities in Toronto, Canada, and St. Louis, Missouri. The company also offers in-house GLP preclinical and clinical bioanalytical services, featuring LC-MS/MS technology at its Toronto facility. Successfully inspected by all major regulatory bodies, it is dedicated to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with global clients through superior quality service, timely and reliable research results.

  • Frontage Laboratories offers integrated product development services throughout the drug discovery and development stages to pharma, biotech, and life sciences companies. The CRO brings a host of comprehensive clinical services that include drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis, analytical testing, formulation creation, preclinical and clinical trial material manufacturing, preclinical safety and toxicology evaluation, and early phase clinical investigation. With an illustrious scientific team, advanced laboratories, and stringent quality control measures, Frontage Laboratories expedites the drug development process of clients and plays an instrumental role in achieving regulatory approval for their drugs.

  • Labcorp is a global leader in nonclinical safety assessment, clinical trial management, and clinical trial testing services. Its unique perspectives are based on decades of scientific, medical and regulatory expertise. With unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, they accelerate innovation and provide insight to improve health and improve lives.

  • Nucleus Network offers multi-site specialized early phase clinical trial services, enabling biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate research translation and improve patients' health outcomes. With its exceptional clinical and regulatory expertise, the company assists biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the faster commercialization of new medicines and therapies. Nucleus Network offers two Phase 1 clinical trial facilities in Australia (Melbourne and Brisbane) and one in the U.S. (Minneapolis).

  • ProPharma Group is the global, independent, single-source provider of regulatory and compliance consulting, clinical research services, pharmacovigilance, and medical information serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Founded in 2001, ProPharma Group has more than 1,900 colleagues worldwide providing a comprehensive portfolio of regulatory, clinical, and compliance solutions to help solve complex challenges in a dynamic regulatory environment. With the mission to improve the health and safety of patients, ProPharma Group is focused on delivering the highest quality of services throughout the full product lifecycle. ProPharma Group works in close partnership with its clients to improve the health and safety of patients.

  • As a full-service CRO, the company addresses the demands of pharma companies by combining individual skills, creativity, and experience needed in all elements of the scientific, clinical, and regulatory processes. Synergy assures that regardless ofthe stage of development a client is in, no matter the size or complexity of a project, their clients know that the advancement of their program is Synergy’s priority and demonstrate that by having continuity in their project team and internal processes. Synergy also acts as an "in-country caretaker" for its diverse clientele, helping them with regulatory affairs, clinical research from pre-clinical to regulatory approval and establishing presence in the market.

  • Azelix


    Azelix is a full-service CRO offering a comprehensive suite of clinical development services supporting the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. Azelix is a global organization with employees located around the world in the U.S., India, and Ukraine. This allows them not only to provide cost-effective solutions but also helps to keep projects moving throughout the day and evening using the time zone differences to their advantage. Their team consists of highly experienced professionals with the passion and expertise to make a difference in the development of new therapies.

  • Firma Clinical Research

    Firma Clinical Research

    Firma Clinical supports the drug development efforts of pharmaceutical and biotech companies through advanced in-home patient visits, data management & biostatistics, medical writing, regulatory consulting, clinical pharmacology, and clinical operations. Built on decades of clinical leadership and expertise, Firma is dedicated to a collaborative approach that accelerates the development of safe and effective treatments for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Their global network of licensed, highly skilled in-home nurses and clinical service providers is trained on client's protocol and study requirements and can conduct everything from simple questionnaires and vital sign assessments to complex biological sample collection, blood draws, and study drug administration.

  • PPD


    PPD is a leading global contract research organization focused on delivering life-changing therapies. Ppd offers proven solutions, from early development to phase II-III to pharmacovigilance to peri- and post-approval services, to ensure customers product’s success. They are now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. Together, Thermo Fisher and PPD are creating a unique opportunity to advance their shared pursuit to enable customers to make the world healthier by accelerating the development of new medicines.

  • TKL Research

    TKL Research

    TKL Research is a fully integrated clinical research organization, in addition to running studies phases I-IV, they manage network of clinical research centers serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and consumer healthcare industries. Delivering results for over seventy-five years, they offer a 40 bed clinical pharmacology unit and four outpatient clinics equipped for phase II-IV clinical trials. Their unrivaled comprehensive clinical management services make TKL Research the one stop for customer's study needs.