Novotech: Full-Service CRO for Accelerated High-Quality Asia-Pacific Trials

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Novotech: Full-Service CRO for Accelerated High-Quality Asia-Pacific Trials

CIO VendorDr. John Moller, CEO
Ultimately, clinical trial success comes down to quality and expedited timelines, and the Asia-Pacific region with its vast patient populations and advanced medical facilities, is rapidly establishing a reputation for delivering these, and more.

However, according to Novotech, the Asia-Pacific CRO, meeting timelines and ensuring quality control requires local regulatory knowledge, partnerships, and experienced teams on the ground.

Novotech has been operating in the Asia-Pacific since 1996 and has established a proven track record for managing the clinical research process across the region.

Novotech offers biopharma companies a full-service CRO that can help them achieve their drug development targets.

Headquartered in Australia, Novotech now has offices in 11 Asia-Pacific countries, as well as the U.S.

The company is also about to sign its seventh MOU with major hospitals and clinics that will give Novotech clients access to:

• Faster start-up times
• Access to sophisticated patient databases allowing identification of patients meeting protocol criteria
• World-class clinical research—regulatory compliance with FDA, PMDA, and EMEA
• Outstanding recruiters across many therapeutic areas: oncology, infectious diseases, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders and rare and orphan conditions
• Leading principal investigators

“We see first-hand the advantages of conducting clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific including access to a population of more than 1.4 billion in modern specialist and hospital facilities,” says Dr. John Moller, CEO of Novotech.

We are an absolute one-stop solution for our clients, offering best-in-class systems and infrastructure but with deep local Asia-Pacific knowledge and experience

“Our in-country relationships enable a more comprehensive understanding of local regulatory changes, access to leading investigators, strong site connections, and attractive patient populations to deliver success for our clients within timelines and budgets,” said Dr. Moller.

“Increasingly we are being engaged for our Asia-Pacific expertise in global trials to provide feasibility, medical advice, protocol, project management, clinical monitoring, regulatory advice, a full set of biometric services, central laboratory services, and vendor management, covering the entire trial lifecycle.”

“We are an absolute one-stop solution for our clients, offering best-in-class systems and infrastructure but with deep local Asia-Pacific knowledge and experience.”

As the clinical trial regulatory process becomes more complex and more dependent on innovative technology, Novotech can support its clients with experienced solutions-focused teams, as well as the latest technology.

A good example of their approach is when a U.S. oncology client approached Novotech for its clinical trial expertise to start a trial in Australia. The Novotech team delivered within 10 weeks. The Australian process consists of notification systems rather than a full regulatory procedure like the FDA. Novotech also enabled the client to expand to the Asia-Pacific region for phase II where they were able to access a large patient population. The client was able to achieve all their objectives in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and timelines.

The Novotech clinical office network in the Asia-Pacific and client-facing offices in the U.S means that the teams can manage trials, and connect with clients, in the same time zones.

“The region is changing rapidly and Novotech is investing appropriately to be able to capitalize on these opportunities,” concludes Dr. Moller.
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