Altasciences: Streamlined and Holistic Research Services

Altasciences: Streamlined and Holistic Research Services

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Catherine Konidas, Chief Commercial Officer , AltasciencesCatherine Konidas, Chief Commercial Officer
It’s a no brainer that, today, CROs impart decisive contributions to preclinical and clinical research. However, certain drawbacks prevail across several CROs. Firstly, the transferring of data, projects, and methodologies between CROs or different groups within them can be cumbersome and result in long drawn R&D timelines. The organizations partnering with CROs can sometimes face obstacles in the initial stage of drug development, including issues with toxicology results, formulation, manufacturing, and regulatory requirements. Another hurdle that can cause frustration in having to repeat the drug development plan, its needs, its history, and its objectives as each CRO progresses along the drug development process. Altasciences, unlike its competitors, with its integrated service offering, consolidated data capture, and program management, plans to address these challenges head on. As mentioned by Catherine Konidas, Chief Commercial Officer at Altasciences, “We are a forward-thinking, mid-size contract research organization, offering biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes a proven, flexible approach to early drug development, from lead candidate selection to proof of concept.”

Altasciences’ extensive research solutions help improve ‘speed and ease’ in initial phases of drug development and allow for proactive development, timeline adjustments throughout the process, and informed decision-making that lead to efficacious R&D. Driven by its motto, Tell Us Once™, the company collaborates closely with its clients so they can avoid hiccups in their drug development programs. Altasciences’ services are aligned with ongoing communication, integrated processes, and customized platforms for enhanced customer experience. Their focus is on preclinical and clinical solutions, including bioanalysis, scientific, regulatory and strategic guidance, protocol development, project management, biostatistics, data management, and reporting. The company provides customized, end-to-end solutions, from lead candidate selection through to human proof of concept. This reduces the handoffs throughout the process and results in faster processing and reduced costs.

We are a forward-thinking, mid-size contract research organization, offering biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes a proven, flexible approach to early drug development, from lead candidate selection to proof of concept

Marie-Hélène Raigneau, Executive Vice President, Research Services, states “Our approach is to ensure that everything we do provides value to the client. We streamline and integrate our processes to support our clients’ teams and their projects; we help them make informed and more comprehensive early drug research decisions, providing the best possible customer experience.”

The bioanalytical team at Altasciences comprises of trained specialists and R&D scientists. The team utilizes the latest equipment and is flexible throughout all stages of the drug development pathway. Their unique array of platforms and large list of validated assays ensures the most effective methods for individual programs. The company is continuously looking to implement leading edge technology, including supporting microsampling (Mitra® VAMSTM) for preclinical and clinical programs. Their scientists work with biomarkers that assist in the translation of preclinical results to the clinic. For any trial, major stakeholders are constantly kept in the loop via regular conference calls, data sharing, adjusting, and overall management of projects. With an industry-leading Quality Management System, Altasciences simplifies the drug development process and helps design efficient preclinical and clinical studies according to the regulatory norms.

With more than 1,300 employees spread across two countries, the company brings best-in-house services to the table. Altasciences is looking forward to expanding its services by including formulation and manufacturing. The company is continually working toward bettering its Tell Us Once™ strategy that provides clients with a more convenient operational approach. “We are developing platforms and processes that will enable our clients to have access to information, results, and updates, from lead candidate selection to proof of concept, thus establishing what our vision is of a truly integrated service offering,” concludes Julie-Ann Cabana, Vice President Marketing & Commercial Integration of Altasciences.
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Altasciences News

Altasciences Welcomes Dr. Beatrice Setnik As Chief Scientific Officer

LAVAL – Altasciences is pleased to welcome Dr. Beatrice Setnik, Ph.D. to the role of Chief Scientific Officer, supporting our internal and external clients with her expertise in all areas relating to early drug development.

Beatrice has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Neuroscience from the University of Toronto and since 2005 has been involved in clinical trials in Canada and the U.S.A.; with Ventana Clinical Research in Canada, King Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer in North Carolina, and since 2014 with Syneos Health (formerly INC Research). She has extensive experience in the design, conduct, and reporting of trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including expertise in the assessment of abuse and dependence potential of CNS-active drugs. In addition, she is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Toronto and regularly participates in FDA meetings and workshops.

Beatrice’s wealth of knowledge and experience will ensure high-level scientific guidance and input on study designs, protocols, and medical and scientific feasibility for new inquiries for current and prospective clients.

“We are extremely fortunate to add a candidate of such caliber and talent to our team. We look forward to Dr. Setnik’s contributions which will reinforce Altasciences’ extensive offerings in early phase preclinical and clinical research,” said Chris Perkin, CEO at Altasciences.

Altasciences' CEO Chris Perkin Recognized as PharmaVOICE Red Jacket Honoree

LAVAL, QUEBEC: Altasciences is proud to announce that CEO Chris Perkin has been recognized as a 2019 Red Jacket honoree. The Red Jacket Award was introduced by PharmaVOICE in 2014 to honor a select and distinguished group of leaders who have been lauded by their colleagues and peers numerous times as PharmaVOICE 100 designees for their many contributions to their companies and the industry at large. Chris has been a PharmaVOICE 100 designee every year since 2015, and, as a Red Jacket honoree, will be retiring the annual award for the lifetime achievement of the Red Jacket.

PharmaVOICE Red Jacket honorees:

• Challenge us to think differently, act differently, and lead differently

• Create opportunities to make what was once impossible — possible

• Are focused beyond short-term gains and are committed to executing their long-term visions in a tightly regulated and competitive industry

• Have a persistence of vision

• Are truly transforming the life-sciences industry to create better health outcomes for all

• Are inspired leaders for today and tomorrow

Throughout Chris’ career, he has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, transformation, mentorship, and philanthropy. His entrepreneurial spirit and leadership have inspired Altasciences’ employees, peers, and company, and his influence is impacting the larger sphere of the life sciences industry.

Altasciences Welcomes Martin Poirier as Senior Director, Bioanalytical Sciences

LAVAL, QUEBEC: Altasciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Poirier, M.Sc., as Senior Director of Bioanalytical Sciences, based in Altasciences’ preclinical facility in Seattle, WA. Martin will apply his extensive knowledge and experience to guide internal and external clients throughout their bioanalysis and immunomodulation analysis projects.

Martin’s outstanding industry reputation and specialization in the field of immunology, as well as more than ten years of experience managing laboratory sciences and establishing new facilities across North America, align with Altasciences’ objective of continually enhancing their full service preclinical and clinical bioanalytical capabilities. He joins the Senior Management team, and takes on responsibilities for the growth and development of Altasciences’ preclinical bioanalytical business.

“We are very pleased to welcome Martin to our growing team of experts. His years of experience and breadth of knowledge will be an asset as we develop and enhance our facilities and offerings to fully and effectively support our clients’ ever-evolving needs,” said Mike Broadhurst, General Manager of Altasciences’ Seattle site.