Altasciences: Changing the Way Clients Outsource Early Phase Drug Development

Altasciences: Changing the Way Clients Outsource Early Phase Drug Development

CIO VendorChris Perkin, CEO
The CRO industry is witnessing numerous mergers and acquisitions, making CROs larger and eliminating competition. However, with CROs taking their size and perceived presence in the market for granted, customer service can sometimes suffer a setback. Altasciences is a CRO that provides reliable customer service while working towards delivering a truly integrated platform for early stage drug development services. “So many CROs say they offer ‘integrated solutions,’ but the reality is that none of them actually help their clients get from lead candidate selection to proof of concept in a simple, coordinated process,” remarks Chris Perkin, the CEO of Altasciences.

The company aims to differentiate itself by fully integrating services to facilitate cost/budget screening, contract management, scientific guidance, and ensuring that the transition between stages of development is coordinated and efficient while saving time for its clients. “We are working on delivering a truly integrated solution that will ultimately change the way early phase outsourcing is managed and executed,” adds Perkin.

In the early phase CRO space, transferring data between CROs, or different groups within a multi-service CRO, is prone to delays, errors, and can lead to prolonged R&D timelines. Altasciences is looking to change that through strategic acquisitions which will result in a fully integrated offering and improved ‘speed and ease’ throughout early stage development, by carrying lessons learned across services and looking for platforms that support integrated data capture and program management. These strategies will allow for quicker, more proactive timeline adjustments and decision making.

We are working towards delivering a truly integrated solution that will ultimately change the way early phase outsourcing is managed and conducted

Altasciences recently conducted a first-in-human study on the world’s first inhaled cannabis product being developed as a drug for regulatory submission. “Our 15+ years of experience working on products with delivery by inhalation facilitated comprehensive data collection and innovative reduction of variability between inhalations,” states Perkin. Altasciences conducted the study in specially designed ventilated smoking rooms along with frequent cognitive testing to study the pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic reactions triggered by the product. They also studied the initial safety profile of the product and adjusted the dosing to reduce the unfavorable effects.

The company’s participant relationship management system ensures the effective matching of participant medical profiles to study requirements, and a self-serve participant portal enables them to update their profiles, view suggested studies, book appointments, and give live screening feedback to Altasciences. With an experienced medical staff available 24/7, dedicated full-time research physicians supervise the clinical trials to ensure the completion of all medical and technical procedures efficiently, from subject recruitment to discharge. “We prioritize the clients’ success and provide them quality data for their studies, earning their trust and reinforcing their confidence in our services, which results in a better overall drug development program,” explains Perkin.

Altasciences envisions a future where, with a few key acquisitions, innovative platforms, and processes, it creates an organization focused on offering simple and effective solutions to support early stage drug development, from lead candidate selection to proof of concept. “Altasciences continuously endeavors not just to meet but exceed the ever-evolving demands of the industry comprising of value for our clients, respect and safety for participants, and growth for employees,” concludes Perkin.
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Altasciences Welcomes Two New Veterinarians to Their Preclinical Team

LAVAL, QUEBEC: Altasciences is pleased to be adding Drs. Andrew Gorman and Sylvia West to their team of clinical veterinarians. Both will play key roles in providing clinical care, research, and surgical support, as well as insight into protocol development.

Dr. Gorman has a DVM from VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA, and has experience in animal health in veterinary hospitals, emergency, and research settings. In addition to his previous veterinary role at Columbia University, Dr. Gorman was an active participant in the IACUC and contributed to the commissioning of Columbia’s largest vivarium. Dr. Gorman became a diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine in 2018.

Dr. West obtained her DVM from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, and brings experience in small animal medicine and laboratory animal care. She recently completed her training in laboratory animal medicine, in which she was the primary reviewer for IACUC protocols and worked extensively with all laboratory animal species.

“Altasciences’ preclinical services team is driven to offering best-in-class veterinary care, and we are excited to be adding Dr. Gorman and Dr. West to our team. I believe the skills, passion, and energy that they bring to our animal care programs will go a long way to achieving our goals, and deepens Altasciences’ commitment to animal welfare. I personally look forward to working with them,” said Mike Broadhurst, General Manager at Altasciences’ Seattle site.