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How will Industry 4.0 Revolutionize Pharma Manufacturing?
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The adoption of Pharma 4.0 will enable pharmaceutical organizations to bring new capabilities into their manufacturing processes. FREMONT, CA:  The internet of things (IoT) has spurred the latest industrial revolution, paving the way for...

Now That There's Agreement to Invest in Innovation, Let's Make it Meaningful
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Michelle Woodley, Chief Nursing Informatics Officers, Providence St. Joseph Health

Healthcare digital innovation has hit a milestone. No longer are executives questioning “if” they should invest. In fact, in a recent study, more than 75 percent of healthcare executives said digital innovation is key to their...

Building on Success-A CIO's Dilemma
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Jamie Nelson, CIO, Hospital for Special Surgery

I have the good fortune of being the CIO at the leading musculoskeletal hospital in the U.S., maybe even the world. Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), located in New York City, was named the No. 1 orthopedic hospital in the country for the...

Pioneering Production and Delivery Solutions to Address the Complexities of Cell Therapy
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Christina Yi, Chief Operations Officer, Dendreon

Regardless of your industry, one of the most exciting and sometimes scary aspects of creating something that has never existed before is determining where and how to begin the process – as well as how to evolve and maintain the relevancy...

Single Sign-On Access to HIPAA Compliant Messaging
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Fast and secure access to shared mobile applications and devices will take the friction out of care collaboration. FREMONT, CA: Researchers have deduced that single sign-on (SSO) increases HIPPA compliance, enhances productivity among...

ML for Life Sciences: The Next Technological Boom
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FREMONT, CA: The diverse integration of ArtificiaI intelligence technology is still to be realized, in the sphere of life sciences. Machine learning in the setting of life sciences can be used to identify disease phenotypes quickly and...

Data Visualization Plays an Important Role in Businesses, let's know how
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Data visualization tools are rapidly growing in prominence as they provide cutting edge features such as charts, infographics, and videos. These features also offer engaging and natural channels of communication to data consumers. The tools are...

Supply Chain 4.0 - Unlocking Opportunities through Digitalization and Innovation
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Kalyan Sakthivelayutham, VP IT, DHL Supply Chain

Today’s global supply chain industry is undergoing a most disruptive era, yet presented with vast opportunities for transformation. Digitalization is being the backbone and the driving force for embracing the Supply Chain 4.0 transformation....

Next-Generation Commercial Data Management Systems for Biopharmaceuticals
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Ashwin Athri, SVP, Precision for Value

How often is there a business-critical problem statement that requires analysis of various data assets that you have invested time and money to procure and manage, and you hear from the team that: • The data don’t really talk to each...

Present-Day Clinical Trial Landscape
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Jim Kremidas, Executive director, Association of Clinical Research Professionals

It is one thing to recognize the potential benefits of a technology, but it’s another thing entirely to become comfortable enough to use it with any frequency. That’s where we find many clinical trial professionals today....

How CMOs can Drive Marketing Innovation
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Today, brands need to reach out to their customers on their preferred channels, with content that is most appealing to them. Delivery of a great experience across all touch points is vital to building their brands’ reputation. To make the...

Manufacturing with a Service Heart
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Mel Kirk, SVP & CIO, Ryder System, Inc.

In 1996, I joined financial services company GE Capital Services (GEC) in a Master Black Belt role, helping implement Lean Six Sigma practices. For 10 years prior to that, I had been building a career in manufacturing and operations leadership....

4 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing the Warehouse
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Michael Schoenfeld, SVP, Head of Contract Logistics USA, DB Schenker

With warehouse efficiency being so closely tied to customer satisfaction for retailers, e-commerce shippers, and many other enterprises, we’re seeing a growing number of companies and logistics providers integrating, existing, and emerging...

Industry 4.0 in a Highly-Regulated Medical Device Factory
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Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q

A recent study by Automation Alley found that 85 percent of national manufacturing executives said their company plans to increase budgets for Industry 4.0 technological advancements, including investments in cloud technology, Industrial Internet...

Reducing And Recovering Your IT Spend
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Jake Dorst, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Tahoe Forest Hospital District

The much-discussed transformation of the hospital CIO from the technically focused, to a role that now encompasses those functions as well as vendor and project management, biomedical/clinical engineering, customer service, enhancing the patient...

Celgene BI Solution Drives Analytics, Compliance and Reporting
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Joanne Beck, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Development & Operations, Celgene Corporation

The highly-regulated nature of the pharmaceutical industry – coupled with historically siloed organizational models and mergers and acquisitions that introduce disparate operational and IT systems to the enterprise – often presents...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Physician/ Patient Relationship
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Kali Durgampudi, VP of Innovation and Mobility, Nuance Communications

The abundance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and connected technologies being introduced daily are pushing the limits of innovation and raising expectations with every passing day. Thanks to these developments, particularly in machine...

Covering All Aspects of Analytics
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Paul Kallukaran, Executive Director, Global Commercial Business Analytics

When Merck IT decided to focus on analytics, the intent was clear – empower the company to identify insights and make data-driven decisions that have the potential to solve important problems and drive shareholder value. While the goal may...

Proclinical Consulting: Raising the Bar in the Biopharmaceutical Arena
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Khelan Patel, Director

Headquartered in London, Proclinical Consulting is a privately held company that fuels the growth of the global life sciences industry. The company supports biopharmaceutical and medtech companies throughout the product development lifecycle,...

Framework Solutions: Quality and Compliance in Promotional & Medical Review
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Chris Taylor, President & Co-Founder

Framework Solutions offers superior services and solutions to the pharmaceutical and life science industry. The company is the leader in the area of promotional and medical review. Framework Solutions Strategic Services group, with its in-depth...